Welcome all travelers. I am delighted to be your guide, host, sherpa, flight attendant, and editor here at Upright and Stowed. First, a little about me.

I grew up in the Midwest, and my first travels were family camping trips. By the time I was ten I'd been to many of the great national parks and eaten lots of s'mores. I also went to summer camp every year in the Colorado Rockies. I climbed six 14,000 foot peaks by age 15. No wonder I love the outoors.

But I am a city person at heart ... which is why I live in NYC. The energy, diversity drama, creativity, history and culture of cities is what really gets me going.

As for traveling in general, I've never been to a place I haven't loved ... or at least found interesting. I've knocked off 46* U.S. states, and 45 countries. And I'm stlll counting.

My work career has also been mostly about travel. During my early career, I spent 5 years at American Express – a big corporate box but one that gave me a great foundation for business and travel. Things got really interesting in 1992 when I started Out & About – a gay and lesbian travel publication providing opinionated advice on where to play, eat, stay and hang out when traveling. During an amazing 10-year journey we published guidebooks, launched a website, sold lots of luggage and traveled the globe. Then, we sold it to a first generation called PlanetOut. (which has been merged into oblivion itself).

I spent the aughts trying to come up with the next big idea. Nothing stuck, but along the way I worked on several great travel projects for big brands, worked on a couple of interesting but failed interned startups and began to explore humanitarian work. Oh, and I joined the board of NYC's amazing Housing Works Thrift Shops. I'm not Co-Chair.

Since 2010 I've been a professional humanitarian. From 2010-mid-2013, I oversaw communications, external affairs and global events at GBCHealth, an NGO that works with the corporate sector to improve global health. In mid-2013 I joined the office of the United Nations Special Envoy on the Health Millennium Development Goals and for Malaria, as head of Communications. It's a mouthful. In plain English, it means that I'm working with philanthropist Ray Chambers and his team to support global improvements in human health. Very meaningful work, and a natural extension of my interest in the human condition.

Upright and Stowed is a simple blog. I write about travel and myself, because those are two things about which I have the most interesting things to say. :-)

If you travel with intention, join me. And when you're ready, be sure to put your seat upright and place your tray table in the stowed and locked position.

-- David

* AL, MS, ND and WI are the outliers.