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March 09, 2006


Always, but proportionate to the level of service you get at the hotel/socioeconomics of the area. So, at a nice place, $5 is typical; when we're visiting the in-laws in the middle, maybe only a couple of singles. Also, we tend to tip more earlier -- you get better service throughout that way.

One of Billy (who-knows-best) best tips is to leave money for the housekeeper right at the beginning of your stay, thereby encouraging an appreciative response to any special requests you may have during your stay, such as for extra towels, or the like. Recently we were given a room with twin beds, and rather than request a queen, we just pushed them together when we arrived. That evening when we returned from dinner, the linens and beds had been converted to a queen, unbidded. I was impressed by this attention and left a generous tip in the room.

I started traveling on business in my early twenties, it's also when I began leaving tips for housekeeping. I believe the first time was when I passed out drunk and slept on the mint that was on the pillow. It some how worked it's way to my midsection. Now think about what happened to that chocolate as I slept on it, and you'll understand why I left a huge tip. You should have seen my face when I saw it and before I figured out that it was chocolate and not something else. Anyway, it's something that carried over to all my hotel stays.

However, I like the idea of tipping at the start of the stay, as Babs pointed out. Good tip!

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