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April 07, 2006


Glad to hear something nice about New Mexico, I used to have to go to ABQ constantly for my job and hated it there but everyone always told me that Sante Fe was beautiful. I never made it there, the closest I came was Bernalillo, and that aint beautiful ;)

Having lived for a brief time in many foreign countries mostly on our own sailboat, I have found that getting away from the "name" brand hotels, such as Four Seasons, Hilton and the like, and searching out smaller, out of the way, and sometimes more primitive accommodations, you experience the culture closer up, you meet many more interesting people, both natives, other foreigners, and fewer Americans. Not that I have anthing against my fellow Americans, just that you don't get the feel, taste or truly authentic experience hidden amongst your own. This was especially true for me in Venezuela where we slept in hammocks under one roof in the jungle with about thirty other travelers, small pensions all over Turkey and Greece, a gay run guesthouse in Isla Mujeres off of Cancun, Just in case my son may be reading this, (www.billyknowsbest.com) I must say that I did very much enjoy the beauty and luxuriousness of the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa: and the Rovos Rail, another over-the-top luxuriousness is just about my favorite accommodation in the world!

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