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April 26, 2006


How about the "crash position"? Or does this standing room feasibility blow that pipe dream?

I am going to brazil and flying coach for the first time ever and worried i wont fit :-(

I DONT THINK SO! that really looks like the worst way to travel - a little, just a little dignity ie: the ability to exercise my position as a guest and a consumer by allowing me to sit.

I am holding back how awful i feel about that image...

sardines, coffins, decks of cards - what is with that crotch piece that holds you upright and stowed - a term used for luggage and tables, not people.

ok having trouble holding back.

Tip for Rocco, if you're flying coach. Check out the rear as soon as the plane is boarded- sometimes there are a few free seats in a row and you can lie down. It's an old "paups" trick.

I can just imagine rows and rows of folks crammed in a plane in Asia. Makes me think of slave transport vessels!

Matthew Darling:

Methinks you’d jump at the $75 flight to Toronto, even if you had to stand.

Am I correct?

If standing them in coach means more room for us up front, I'm all for it! ;)

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