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April 13, 2006


OMG -- those plaid shorts. I had exactly the same ones ... and matching sports jacket!

I heard there are grown men in CT country clubs wearing grown-up versions of those same short. They're help up by whales-doing-the-rumba belts. Horrid at any age.

I'm guessing you're the very, very cute young blonde kiddo.

We have ESP. I was writing in my autobio just this past week and what did I write about but that trip and the moon walk event. The date however was July 19, 1969 not the 11th. What wonderful memories, and yes those are nerd shorts!!

Comments to Comments: My dad is correct. The landing was on the 19th. And Deborah is incorrect. The really really cute little blonde one is my younger brother Richard. it's his adorable son Jeremy who recently appered on these pages. I'm the dorkier middle kid in these shots.

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