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May 20, 2006


I saw A Chorus LIne the week it opened on Broadway, back in the summer of 1975. I was home from my first year in college. The neighbors -- Ken and Doris Simon -- took me, along with their daughter Emily, who was my "grown-up" friend next door. I was 18, and all of the characters in the show were older than me. I sat there rapt, wondering what I "would do for love." The next time I saw it was the final month on Broadway, in 1990. Guess what ... by then, I was older than all the characters, and I knew the answer to that question.

A CHORUS LINE was my very first Broadway show as well. I was a junior in high school. It was 1997. Okay, actually it was 1987. I stayed at the Howard Johnson's on 8th Avenue. I also saw 42nd Street, The Mystery of Edwin Drood (LOVED IT!), and I slept through most of CATS!!! I went on to do A Chorus Line in summer stock many years later where I blew out my anterior cruciate ligament doing "step kick kick leap kick touch'. That's right - I blew out my ACL in ACL.

What a trip down memory lane. I remember standing in line to get tickets for the opening of Chorus Line in San Francisco under the ruse of taking my parents for their anniversary that year. Of course, we know who the tickets were really for. And what fun to read that review of Gypsy again and the "delightful" Mr. Lambert.

....and signing in for the senile set,,,,,,,, my first Broadway musical was either Annie Get your Gun with Ethel Merman, or Oklahoma, which ever came first (can't remember) My Father was a Broadway musician so I got to see lots of musicals like South Pacific with Ezio Pinza and Mary Martin when I was only 12 and Gypsy with the inimitable Merman But my earliest memory is walking on stage of the Voice of the Turtle (at age 7) with Maureen O'Sullivan. Sadly I missed Victoria Regina with Helen Hayes which played before I was born, Chous Line came much later after my first marriage at which Marvin Hamlisches father entertained. Now on marriage two, Shel and I had tickets for it off Broadway the week it moved to Broadway and wound up sitting in perfect 10th row center seats. I loved it, and am looking forward to seeing it again. Just hope it doesn't come across as dated like West Side Story, even though the music for both is terrific. In recent years, I would say the only talent comparable to these old stars was Hugh Jackmans star turn in Boy From Oz. Brian Stokes Mitchell ain't so bad himself reminding me of John Raitt ( he had a fabulous voice!) and Gorden McCrae. But enough of my ramblings down memory land, children!!! and I'M STILL HEEEERE!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and Shirley MacClaine in Pajama Game, Gwen Verdon in Damn Yankees...... Those were the days, my friend we thought they'd never end,,,,,,,, but they did. Thank the lord for Barbra Streisand and Stephen Sondheim!

Saw Pippin with Ben Vereen, A Chorus Line, too long ago to remember who was in it-Guys and Dolls with Peter Gallagher, Faith Prince and Nathan Lane and Cats 4x, with Terrence Mann...,(Took friends from out of town to see it.)
Boy From Oz with Hugh Jackman, The Fantastix, and most recently Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Saw her on Broadway in it too. and Jim Dale in the final performance of a Christmas Carole at the Theater at MSG too.

I love the picture of the old Times Square you posted on your site. Not only did I see Chorus Line 14 times, but I saw the other shows in the photo (Bubbling Brown Sugar, Same Time Next Year, Guys & Dolls - all black version). I guess that shows that theater has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It's cool to see the site of the current Marriott Marquis - it's the one with the billboard for Black Sunday.

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