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May 24, 2006


Does Patti Lupone backstage after Sweeny Todd on Broadway in my NYC backyard count? if so, i met her tonight, with Donna Lynne Champlin who plays Pirelli in this sensational performance.

Per Linda's request, this series is about celebrities you sight while in the process of traveling. So no, seeing Patti LuPone backstage after a show isn't really the idea. In fact, it wouldn't be the idea even if you sighted her backstage someplace other than your hometown. But f you sight her walking down the street when you're in LA for business or pleasure, THAT would count.

Make sense?

i meet a lot of celebs while waitering...

bill cosby, uma thurman, mariah carey, leonardo dicaprio, gwen stefani, liza minelli, gerardo riviera, giselle, katy couric(the list goes on and on and on and on)

and while i waiter i consider myself to be TRAVELLING into the depths of despair.

does that count or is it too metaphysical?

Too numerous to mention name - living in Vail and being the owner of Le Petit Cafe we saw many many celebs, but of course, always left them alone!!!!! They were on vacation!

23rd. street, as you know, David, is a sighting a day given all the movies and TV shows made on this block and also given the presence of the Hotel Chelsea. But I don't think you mean't sightings where we work or live. Our most fun celebrity sighting was anchored in Foye, South coast of England on our boat when Peter Jennings rowed up to introduce himself with a bottle of chilled wine! We think he needed to have an American recognize him!
My guess is that Matd doesn't work at Macd's! Now that would be a trip!!!

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