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May 17, 2006


Since I am the only viewer of your blogs old enough to have been voting at the time, it was President Dwight Eisenhower our General in charge of the European theatre in WWII. He vowed that never again would the US be unprepared to move men and material across the nation, and so he copied the German Autobon system and created the Interstate system in the US.

I was old enough to vote for Eishenhower, however I voted for Stevenson. TWICE! The Grand Central may have been made part of the interstate, but originally built under the aegis of Robert Moses, as part of the parkway system ( this includes the Hutch, Bronx River, Northern State, Southern state) it was built purposely with low bridges and narrow lanes, for the new age of the automobile thereby precluding mass transportation, buses and trucks. Only the middle class car owners could afford to drive to the suburbs and the beaches.

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