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June 06, 2006


Welcome home. Always nice to return to reality with a jolt. Sorry to hear about your transatlantic sandwiched-between hell. And to think this isn't the only foot-picking-and-eating soul you've witnessed in your life (!!)

So, you just sat there for 9 hours without saying anything. If its impolite to fart & pick your feet - isn't ok to tell someone: (1) that the lavatory is at the other end of the plane; or (2) put a sock on it?

Regarding Scott's comment, I seriously thought about saying something at various points, but the thought of sitting next to someone I'd insulted for even 5 minutes was worse than the reality of what I was experiencing. And in a weird way, it seemed like there was some "territory setting" that she was doing with her crazed eating and farting and coughing and crying. Would YOU have said something?

I have to agree with David. There is no reason to fade further the luster of the ultra luxurious indulgences experienced in Vienna and Paris by confronting the territorial (and obnoxious) seat mates. Btw, I had a similar "hermes experience" at Hotel le Bristol in Paris when I was about fifteen years old.

David, I think you're right. Say something, and you just feel more uncomfortable. But next time might I recommend what Billy once gave me before an intercontinental flight? Earplugs. Eyeshade. Sleeping pills.

BTW, after reading your Paris piece, I changed my plans for travel with my goddaughter in August from London to Paris. You're right ... there's just no place like it. (And I gave her French lessons, so we'll be OK in the outdoor cafes.)

I'm nauseous just reading your post. And to think you had to suffer that for nine hours? Quelle Horreur.

I was on a flight comeing back from Chicago to Las Vegas NV on an AA 757 and the plane was packed except for the middle seat (i had the window)even tho i requested the aisle we were not even in the air and 10 minuites later i started smelling someting turns out the people across the aisle were piging out on sub sandwhiches that smelled like shit,i could not believe it and the poor girl that had the window seat was gagging the whole way back to Las Vegas Thank god for beer and i love food

Lets face it, Dave: Any human being, living or dead, and sitting next to you, would have bothered you. The only possible exception would have been something around 25, and looking like he just stepped out of a body builder mag. And he could have sighed; gasped for breath, and done everything else--short of farting--and I'm sure you wouldn't have had a problem with that.

Having said that, anyone who travels, in coach, on a flight of 2+ hours gets what they deserve--especially if it's on a US "legacy" airline.

I have to admit, John, that you're probably right. Sitting in a middle seat on a full 10 hour flight (for a sensitive, impatient guy like me) would be hell in any case, and the only distraction I can imagine diverting me enough to relax would be a hot 25 year-old, preferably doubling as my boyfriend. [Truth be told, I'm more partial to guys my age]

I hope your comment doesn't mean you think I'm an age-ist or a looks-ist. Well, maybe a little.

That is so so sad. I've flown biz, 1st and I think on a Pilots lap once. I don't know you David, but my boyfriend forwarded me your blog. If I were in in your shoes I definitely would have said something to Miss Piggy feet. It's the equivalent of clipping your nails on a NYC subway. Which I can understand you only pay $2.00 for that but a flight that was probably $800! No Way. My boyfriend cringes when we come across those situations because he knows I cant shut up. I'd rather sit there knowing that 7 passengers around her are more comfortable than she.
People (mostly domestic-traveled americans) just don't get the basic etiquette of how to fly. (Book idea anyone?) If you ever have to sit next to someone that has to ask for the extenda-seat belt run screaming to the first gay attendant!

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