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June 04, 2006


About the outdoor cafe -- I've eaten at innumerable outdoor cafes and never really had a problem. Sometimes the food is less than stellar, but I've always been waiting on and served without a problem. Are you speaking French, or English? That does make a difference.

Harold is probably correct that if I was more confident with my tragic 10th grade French, I might get better service. But even when out with Parisian friends here, the service is pretty bad. Seems most waiters are assigned to 20+ tables. Apparently it's because waiters are expensive here, since it's not a tip-based position as in the US.

OK, Doris and I are offically applying to be maid and buttler. Ah Paris, we have had some great times there too and the winter can be special around the holidays.

Hope you can make it back to earth as you climb the 70 stairs to your abode. Just think your next trip will be crossing paths with Alports, Ginsbergs, Solomons and the like. Condi cannot even hold a candle but Henry would be fun.

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