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July 18, 2006


Not that I'm a "fan" of American or any other airline (frankly, they're as interchangeable as copier paper these days) but I feel your jabs may be a little unfair. I just returned from the Gay Games in Chicago. Flew American both ways. Great fare ($183 r/t), comfortable planes, friendly and competent service. For my return I wanted to fly earlier. I got a knowledgeable rep on the phone who ran through my options and my chances for each flight; at O'Hare it took about 90 seconds to check in and change my flight, with the option of $25 to guarantee the earlier flight or free if I would take my chances with standby. Delta, United, American, Continental -- I fly them all frequently and I find the good and the bad is more likely due to the equipment on a certain route, the specific crew, and circumstances not in the control of the individual airline (general airport delays, weather).

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