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August 15, 2006


Marital bliss is an oxymoron. Your wish for the second Howard is more likely fulfilled for the first: new linens!

David, the Governor of Massachusetts has issued you a pardon – you are hereby released from Hadley and may rejoin society. Thanks so much for coming to my wedding - will give you a full report from the Four Seasons in Costa Rica.
The Other Howard

Of which flavor did you avail yourself?

Fabulous Linda here -- David and I had exceptional fresh berry pancakes at StaBles, not to be confused with our backyard StaPles. The Hojos staff reluctantly recommended the joint as beyond a 1/2 mile walking distance from our home -- god bless fitness. Congratulations again to Howard and his lucky Bride Laura!!!

It is a shame how the HoJo chain has become so dingy. I remember on family road trips as a kid, when most of the inns were new, how the orange roof shone for my siblings and me like a beacon of comfort. Where has all the color gone?

As the taker of the photograph, I can attest to the quality of the architecture. However, I would like to qualify the quality of the hotel comments by suggesting that this HoJo's seems like a five star when you compare it to some of the Courtyard by Marriotts I've had the pleasure of staying in recently...

Sorry, but it ain't Hojo's without the orange roof and turquoise trim...

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