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August 30, 2006


Tough call indeed. Given this soggy weather, i'd have to choose LA/Emmys. Did you see those BarbieSicle glazed presenters? Barry should be entombed already.
Congratulations on your recent accolades!

Don't be such a snob... I miss you already.

I saw the play without the star studded audience and thought it was the most marvelous theater!
Took the 10 year old grand daughter to the obligatory Beauty and the Beast extravaganza( fortunately only had to pay for two-fers). Not one memorable song in the whole show, but they had every trick possible on the stage except a camel and the kitchen sink!! Major compensation was going back stage for a tour with our pit musician friend. I got just as much thrill standing on the Lunt-Fontaine stage as I did on the Morosco stage of "The Voice of the Turtle" when I was seven! ( My father was the pit musician then) So David, I guess that makes me as much a theater "groupie" as you!

Why choose? That's what TIVO is for!

Either your seats were too close or Vanessa is past here prime and should join Barry. Both were and are still great performers. You should only sock away what he does in an evening in Las Vegas. Someone must like him; and Dick C. certainly has been a total failure. Priorities Son but I do have all the award shows execpt for the boobs and fell asleep during the Emmy's.

Sounds like a wonderful play

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