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August 08, 2006


Beirut and Tel Aviv were so high on my list....really bummed rigth now! I highly recommend BA- was great! I'd say that either a Yoga retreat to Costa Rica, Bahia/Brazil and/or Mexico City are on my horizons this Winter!

My top 6 ( couldn't cut it down to 5)
1. Tokyo
2. Istanbul
3. Seattle(only major US city I have not visited)
4. Norway
5. India
6. Reyjavik

Hank ... it looks like you and I are going to Istanbul together. Don't leave without me. (And I can recommend Tokyo and India HIGHLY).

Love this post, here's my short list:

1. Sydney
2. Rejkjavik
3. Athens
4. Cape Town
5. Hong Kong

** Though you must, must go to Buenos Aires -- having been there earlier this year was a dream come true. And while you're traveling to the contient, go on Avianca so you can enjoy a 10 hr lay over in Bogota, Colombia -- that's enough time to climb up Monserrate, go to the Botero Museum, the Gold museum and hang out with new money at Plaza Atlantis mall.

Thanks for the tip, David. Tell me when you're off to Sydney. My friends Keving & Ian will show you a great time!

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