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October 21, 2006


Correction: scary hair. Fascinating 6 degrees story. Can i come to the movie with you? Loved that twisted book.

Interesting how paths cross, isn't it? I got into Augusten, when I learned of his stint at Hazelden here in Minnesota and went to one of his book readings at The Loft. I am very much am looking forward to seeing the movie. BTW, love your recent string of photos from your past!

Except for Bennings performance, the movie was a disappointment after having read the book. But how many movies aren't? Perhaps it will be more engaging for those who haven't read the book.
Love to play the game, "which movies are better than the book"
The one that is consistently mentioned is "Gone with the Wind" and more recently "The Devil Wears Prada" ( but who in their right literary mind would admit to even having read that trash?!)
It would be fun to hear about others, but, oops, this is a travel blog, right?

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