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January 22, 2007


I totally agree with David about the energy that I get when I go to the movies in NYC (vs. anywhere else). Still, in addition to NYC and LA, I would like to add Paris to places where the audience buzz adds to the experience. In NYC, my favorite theater is the Ziegfeld. It's grand and exciting and brings back great memories for me (I saw "Can't Stop the Music" there on opening night! :). But, to experience a real New York independent-movie experience, where you can mingle with audiences filled with true congnoscenti, I recommend the Film Forum. It's intimate and shows the best in foreign, independent, and old films. And, it has the best popcorn in town.

Your "infinitely" predictable New York snobbery USED to be endearing. You can see Babel without me!

To be honest, I hate most of the movie theaters in Manhattan with a few exceptions. Some of the smaller, older theaters are especially dreadful, but unfortunately, they are the places that tend to screen the more interesting, indie and foreign movies. That said, I'm so happy the IFC opened that new movie theater on West 4th.

My best movie going experience, I have to admit, was in a gigantnormous theater in Dallas, TX. They build everything big there. :-)

The ArcLight in LA seems to be the beginning and the end of the moving picture experience in LA -- big beautiful theaters, not just a snack bar but a full restaurant and an outdoor cafe, valet parking (of course), a gift shop, etc. You feel like a real "industry insider" when you go to a movie there. Check it out next time you're in LA. www.arclightcinemas.com

In Chicago you HAVE to go to The Music Box. Sounds a bit like the Castro Theater - organ music & old seats - it's a really neat place & they usually run indie films. They do a GREAT sing-along Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz - you can imagine! http://www.musicboxtheatre.com/

I absolutely agree that seeing a movie in a city like NY, LA or SFO is a different experience. In NYC, one my favorite theaters is Landmark Sunshine. And in LA, you gotta love the Arclight (although you pay dearly for the space and reserved seating).

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