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January 29, 2007


Pocket size and lens quality are definitely the top 2 things you should look for. All the new cameras have at least 5 megapixels. If you are also looking to print out 8 x 10, 6 should be fine since Canon is known for having good lenses. In any event, you can't go wrong with a Canon digital. They have been making great digital compacts since the Power Shot.

We love our Casio Exilim, and the new models are even leaner than the one we have. I think the images are great, the colors true and the optics are sharp.

I have the Canon SD550 Digital Elph, which is the "old" version of the camera you're considering. I absolutely LOVE it. I can't say enough about it. I researched it to death before I bought it, and it was worth every penny.

It takes great pictures. It's so light and small it fits in the palm of my hand, but it doesn't feel awkward or cramped. There's almost zero shutter lag, and it turns on and off super quick.

There are a few cons with my model. One is very bad red eye when using the flash. It was known to have that problem, so hopefully they have corrected it in the newer models.

Also, the zoom isn't very useful. But I had an Olympus that had a 10x zoom that was basically useless, so I'm content to do without it.

Oh, and another thing I wanted to mention is that it takes great videos. They use up a lot of memory, but it's worth it because when you can't get a photo due to low light, you can often take a video and it will come out. Same goes for distance. The zoom is more effective when taking video.

If you're looking for something to bring along when you travel, I highly recommend it.

Hope that helps!

Just a couple of comments. No viewfinder on this or any of the P&S anymore, you must use the LCD. There is already a SD 900 out which is slightly different. Make certain that any camera you buy has anti-shake technology. Only 3x optical zoom but that is about all you can get on small cameras.

All good recommendations. You can't go wrong with the Canons -- they always score at the top of everyone's ratings. I have a casio that I aslo really like... Make sure you try them both in your hands and see how the buttons fit your fingers. Happy new camera day!

OK this I know something about. I'm on my 5th and 6th Canon digitals at this point. I have the 20D digital SLR for my "serious" photography and love it, but I wanted something smaller and lighter for travel. I bought a version of the camera you're looking at, used it for a few months (including a European trip) and wound up selling it to a friend. Although it was light and easy to carry, I didn't love the quality of the photos and found the battery life was too short for me. I bought the new Canon G7 and love it. It's their high-end non-SLR -- slightly larger and heavier than the super-compacts, but still small enough to put into a coat/jacket pocket or your shoulder bag. 12 1/2 ounces. I've taken it on quite a few trips and can't say enough about it. 10 megapixels so you can blow the photos way up, a long-life battery, optical viewfinder, large and bright LCD, internal stabilization and a 6x zoom. You can use it on automatic, or with an infinite amount of custom adjustments. It's also got a hot shoe, in case you want to use an accessory flash and avoid red-eye. Controls are nice and big, and the camera has a Leica-like heft. Get a 2GB memory card and a second battery and you're ready to go round the world. There's also a very attractive hard leather case, if you want. A little more than $500, but given the money you save on film and processing, don't skimp on the camera. Call me if you want to discuss. Harold Levine -- President, Photo Club at the Lesbian and Gay Community Center.

You can't go wrong with that camera David! Canon makes excellent compact cameras. They are bar the best. I just picked up a new 10 mega pixel digital Elph over the holidays at B&H. It's fantastic. All the Elphs also shoot fabulous movies...


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