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January 17, 2007


100% chance of getting laid at DB? Dave, give yourself some wiggle room... just in case something goes terribly wrong.

Ha! I've never seen that laid out so succinctly.

Honestly, the thing that keeps me coming back to Equinox is its versatility. One, there's a location almost everywhere in Manhattan (not so for Barton). And two, depending on the location you go to on any particular day and/or the time of day, you can either engage in the "scene" or just put your head down and get your workout done. From what I know about Barton, that "scene" is almost always in full force.

Plus, Equinox is always so clean you could lick the floor. Uh...not that I'm into that sort of thing, or anything.

Good luck with the deliberations.

Btw, I work out at Equinox, David. Just a little something to sway the vote. >=)

Suffice it to say you will do well at which ever one you choose. How's that?

Equinox. Please bring me so I can see Hilary sweat

you didn't use my two factors for judging gymnasiums (yes, i only have two).

proximity and population density at prime time. DB is super crowded at prime time, but is on my block. ergo, proximity trumps all as i am a lazy lazy lazy gay.

i'm at db. but, i'm not sure i'd recommend it.

p.s. i had NO IDEA db used bumble and bumble! i don't shower there because others may realize i live on the block and could use my own shower...

if you dont mind the commute, Club H on w. 55th. New gym, beautiful in there, not too busy, some gay, some straight...but 30 blocks from your hood.


You forgot a key "for your consideration" factor at your age: lighting.

David Barton = Fire Island
Equinox = The Hamptons

Flash or Class you decide.

Equinox for 4 reasons: 1 work out there and love running into you, Lacey Stone, Patricia Moreno, members are serious about looking good. We can influence the body care products -- they suck.

Don't forget towel service. I find the towels at DB are always soft and fluffy, which never seems to be the case at other gyms, even the fa fa fa fancy ones like Sports Club LA/Beverly Hills

And you should definitely take Paolo Hudson's Yoga for Jocks class before making any final decision

I agree:

David Barton = Fire Island
Equinox = The Hamptons

Equinox is a whole lot easier to work out at. David Barton has so many friggen spotlights you gotta squint while you're at the machines. David Barton invested way too much in a lighting system that'd be better suited on broadway or at an 80's dance club.

UPDATE: Equinox updated some of their equipment.

It's been a while since my last visit, quite a while, and I'm now reminded how cool you are and how cool I'm not although we did make it to the Evelyn Lounge last weekend. Does that count for anything? Burning question....which gym did you choose? We're off to St. Bart's next week, making it just about a year snece we first met you. Sounds like lots of wonderful things happening for you. Great.

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