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January 17, 2007


I’ve struggled with this question myself. Honestly, I find the crowd much hotter at Equinox – and ironically, younger and closer to my age (I’m 26). DB is a tad older, but still a good-looking crowd.

But, I workout at DB for two reasons:

1. It’s 2 blocks from my new apt;
2. It’s WAY LESS crowded during primetime than Equinox on Greenwich Ave. They’ve oversold that club and I hate it.

Since you steered me towards Equinox from David Barton, I know (and am glad) you decided to stay. I agree with just about everything on here.

The best part of Equinox? Working out in natural light from the enormous windows facing Greenwich.

The worst part? The equipment. Unbelievably lame.

Overall, Equinox works better for me at the moment. It's lowkey and I can push through my workout without any fuss. There was way too much drama at Barton.

My one quibble with your review? Calling the vibe at E "snotty, sexy, cool." I've been both working out both mornings and evenings and it seems pretty blah, which is exactly what I'm looking for right now.

I am having this same dilemma. I only care about the spin and yoga classes being extremely difficult and a clean, clean, clean environment. Thoughts anyone?

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