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March 13, 2007


I totally agree. The new trade center is ass. It was like a bait and switch job: They ask us to approve a design, we pick Daniel Libeskind's ( http://tinyurl.com/my5z ), but then they decide to remove all his elements and create this craptastic structure. 12 floors of solid concrete.... to protect from potential bomb blasts... really.

Just checking in after two months away and realizing just how much I've misssed this blog! Too many things I would have commented on - I'm happy just to be up to speed.
Can't resist one comment however, even though it may be viewed as politically incorrect, even blasphemous. The new tower, really isn't any uglier or more arrogant than the original two. Is anyone truly surprised?

I have to say that I agree with Babs. The original WTC was one of my least favorite building in NYC ... but the Freedom Tower is way worse. And the name.....

I agree the name is so farcical. Whats next, the Freedom Detention Center?


great topic. The freedom tower (should be called the fascist tower) is going to be the tallest eyesore in Manhattan. And while I think the Hearst family made a brave attempt at doing something different... the building just looks plain weird.

But my vote for the ugliest buidling in Manhattan is the nearly finished... but not quite fully uglified... New York Times building. It is the grayest, ugliest, meanest looking monstrosity ever created. They even extended the grey "skeleton" above the floors so they could basque in its evilness for time eternity. No doubt.... the building will have a chilling effect on the one printed media outlet that does have some semblance of sanity. (at times)

why oh why must all these new buildings be so gray?

I suppose my extreme hatred for this building may be heightened by the fact that I have an unobstructed view of it from my bedroom... reminding me every morning of what a gray world the media has become and how they have now built a monument for their gray world.

One more comment. I don't know if you have ever been inside the Sony building. But this building... made of solid stone... is the single coldest building on the planet except perhaps some of the great cathedrals... which were built for the express purpose of making humans feel small under the "grace' or our dear lord.

The Sony Tower seeks to do just that by greeting the visitor with an unmarked room of stone that leads to a lone elevator, where one must take the elevator to the reception floor. Its the modern day version of entering the gates of hell, and hoping to god that the elevator goes UP.

Architect David Child's new building corrects a flaw with the old WTC by Minoru Yamasaki, which was its lack of taper. It simply rose straight up, and so appeared top-heavy, unstable and, in retrospect, vulnerable. The new WTC will stand with the balanced weight and graceful proportions of a classical obelisk. By comparison, the atrophied shard design first proposed by Daniel Libeskind was a self-indulgent gesture unworthy of the Manhattan skyline. If only Childs could omit the building's monolithic bunker base, unique among contemporary skyscrapers, as post-2001 overkill.

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