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April 13, 2007


OK, who's old enough to remember "Brill Cream, a little dab il do ya"? Or "See the USA in your Chevrolet" or the Burma Shave signs on the highway?

Wow, I can't believe you went and actually found that audio clip! Now we need to see if we can find, "Thank you for coming to Loews! Sit back and relax... enjoy the show!"

Surely now they have the giant popcorn and rubbish bin animations to "thank you for shutting off your cell phones"

Unfortunately, they changed it over 10 years ago. It's been "modernized", and it's crap now. When they transitioned, they actually sold cassette tapes in the lobby; old version on one side, new version on the other. You're not quite accurate in one respect... not only St. Louis, but in fact most of Missouri knows this ditty from beginning to end.

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