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June 19, 2007



I also pray that no one kicks you in the eye. I do know that god can be quite specific in needing information to act on.... therefore, let's add some very specific things you'll need from her: and therefore please allow me to expand on the prayer:

God, grant me the serentiy to accept the things I cannot change..... no not that one (oops)

God, may David find not only receive fistfuls of cash in his journey to the dreaded land of infotechnology and infortainment... but also please grant him with the strenth to be able to present his idea as more than just brilliance.... but as the future of the net (beginning to addess the dream of TRUE and MEANINGFUL connectivity.

God...we know you have little contol over VC types.... but we trust that imagery of new homes, cars, girls (or boy) can be supplanted in their brains as David gives his outstanding money-begging presentations.

There. As I now have a direct line..... I think this should work just fine.

best of luck (though you won't any now)


May those ego-swollen, greedy bastards see the light with your deck's brilliance. And, of course, with your own.

Knock 'em dead - I know you will.


ps - just want to remind you of that other hotbead of VC activity in the valley - Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. The home of Technology Funding, Inc., where I got my first job in the b-world. Avenue of the Fleas, in case you need the translation. How appropriate.

David, welcome to the 'hood. I'm a Palo Alto resident and regularly drive past the hallowed VCs of Sand Hill Road. Good luck with your meeting. May your pitch be pithy, your business model sound. Remember it all starts with the consumer . . . just work your way back from there. Cheers and best wishes.

good luck.... or rather i hope you have already heard a resounding "where do we sign?"

hi David, joining your fan club eager to know how your week went and hope the vulture capitalists roared : "Show David the Money!"

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