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April 17, 2008



I wasn't going to make a comment on this air canada post, but I have to say that air canada is one of the worst airlines I've ever used, that being said by a guy that uses them all the time, me living in Canada!! But I can assure you that there will be a smiling face greeting you at the airport... and the massage well.... let's put it this way: you will get one if you manage not to make a negative comment on anything during your stay in Beautiful Vancouver!!!

SNAP !!!

It appears Eduardo has your number Davey. Have fun boys!

I'm thrilled that my blog readership appreciates Eduardo's comment. So far, I've made nary a negative comment since landing in Vancouver ... and I'm patiently awaiting my massage.

David~ re the negative comments, could you be, er FRENCH? Enjoy my home country of Oh Canada.

I've been catching up with your blog, having been distracted by life and no internet for awhile. I find it fascinating which entries elicit the most reponses!
Airline prices are going up, so there will be even more to complain about. But it's the fault of this f-ked up economy for which we know who is to blame! What's more screwed up than having to use all that corn for fuel, and messing with our food supply,. SCARY!!

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