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August 13, 2008


Live a little...get the 16gb

I have an 8 gig Nano and 3.5 days of continuous music only takes 4 gig of space. So unless you have a ton of stuff you need at all times, then 8 gig is enough.

I'm lusting after the white iPhone, which unfortunately only comes in the 16 gig model.

I have two phrases that I live by that I will now pass on to you, David.

"Buy once; buy well."


"Go big, or go home."

Now guess which one I think you should buy.

David -- I'm about to jump too, and I'm going for the big memory. I've never regretted having too much memory in a laptop or camera, and I think the same would hold true with the phone, especially if you start downloading videos to watch on the plane. -- Harolo

I started where Blandon was (will I even need the extra 8gb) but Stephen and Steve's wisdom is too hard to resist.

As for black or white ... I'm feeling very black these days (for numerous reasons), but I want a white iPhone. So it's 16gb for me. Thanks all.

16GB, but even that is too small for pics and music. I would wait for the "call dropping" problem to be fixed and a few others before jumping. Also you will not like the provider either but go ahead impulsive one and enjoy!

Suckers! This comes under the category of lack of impulse control!
Great concept, but first generation usually has lots of kinks to be worked out.

get the Nokia E71!

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