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October 22, 2008


Happy to see that the you are still interested in some sort of mexican gastronomy... It is great to find out how things originated and how or why we eat the things that we eat today...

So, please tell me you put all those ingredients to use after the carefully food styled photo!! Howdy Mr. Alport!


WAIT. Don't tell me you used bagged parm. Come on..

Looks yum. What about the sardines?

Jack in Seattle.

Oh lord. I grabbed this photo from Flickr. When I make Caesar Salad, which I never do, the dressing comes from a bottle. When Eduardo or Brad come over to make me a Caesar, I'll expect the ingredients to match Caesar's from Tijuana.

Just a correction to Jack comment, its not sardines, Caesar has anchovies...;)

Thanks Eduardo. Anchovies..yumm my mom makes a little paste with garlic,salt,anchovies then mixes with lemon juice. So good.

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