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October 09, 2008


You'd think that in 50 years they could have washed it!

Hi Dave,

I was delighted to see this picture of PS 122. I think this is the school I attended in 1947 when I was in kindergarten. In first grade I went to St.Rose of Lima, which still exists. I moved from New York in 1950 but I have been to my old Brooklyn neighborhood twice in the last ten years. I've lived in California for many years.

I am a little confused, though. Is this school near East Fourth Street and Avenue I in Brooklyn? When I look up PS 122 it is listed as a museum.

What is the school used for now?

I was born 1954 and lived on Rutledge St Bklyn. Our house # was 256. I remember a public school PS122 being right on the corner of Rutledge St. and Broadway. Is this that school. I remember we had to move cause they were tearing down all the houses to build a larger school. Looking at google earth. It doesn't look like a school anymore. Any thing about the old neighborhood would be welcomed.

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