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October 19, 2008


Falthead Lake Montana?

Hummm my guess would be Lake Tahoe, CA/NV. Pretty.

Lake Tahoe, if I remember the timing of your return to NYC correctly (?)

Congratulations Jack, with an honorable mention to Viv. This shot was taken high above Lake Tahoe, from the CA/NV border line. I asked a stranger to take the shot, which was at the beginning of a 2-week camping trip I made to South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

You need to go camping in the Sawtooth National Park in Idaho. Spectacular. I saw in no particular order. One brown bear, one wolf (at a distance) i heard the wolves howling everyday, one mountain goatee and a hairy yeti, but that could have been my boyfriend at the time. Really its beaut.



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