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February 12, 2009


HRC seems to play different music at each of it's different locations, suited to it's clientele. I especially like thirteenth street which plays classical in the locker room during the day for the old biddie crowd like myself. They are responsive to requests, but they are not known as "cruising" gyms I don't suppose. Nothings worse than Muzak, formerly known as elevator music used just to fill the silence and not to really be listened to. I heard Sirrius radio is also bankrupt. Any more trickle down and we'll all be in the poor house. This is such a horrific time, but if the old dog who won Westminster can eat at Metazur after his victory, I guess all is not lost. It's come down to "let 'em eat cake!"

I think this is a case of the "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" falacy. You may have complained about Muzak, but I don't think you really brought down the company. Do you?

Oh, my GOD! Thank you for doing this. You're so right. The locker room music is deadly. DEADLY. Let's go on a comment card smear campaign. I think I can hit at least 10 clubs in the next two weeks. :-)

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