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April 08, 2009


Antwerp is a great city. Short trip from Brussels and quite a different feel. I really like it.

this is a test

Antwerp is fun. I was there about four years ago. I was visitng my friend Bill who was living in Utrcht at the time and took a 24-hour side trip there. The train station was undergoing renovations at the time and most of the hall where the dancing in the video took place was hidden by plywood and scaffolding. The renovation was apparently very successful. That's one reason why I loved the video so much!

yeah, antwerp. i grew up there, nearby. it was the big city my parents took me to to go do big city things. it was not like that when i was a kid.

''actually, davd, this is part of a series of T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) advertisements that have been flooding europe for the past 2 years.....


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