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April 15, 2010


WOW, I will miss your wonderful blog.

Im sad to read your last blog but happy for you... keep updating your facebook... will really miss reading your blog... Besos...

It's sad that Facebook has put an end to this beautiful way you had of communicating. But I am as guilty as your other faithful blog followers of succumbing to the FB fast track.I wouldn't have known it was ending except for that. I hope that this new techno world won't destroy our more expressive ways of communicating with one another. Email has certainly almost put an end to letter writing. I just got my first emailed Bar Mitzvah invitation. Call me old fashioned, but I miss the feel of paper in my hand. One of the reasons I'm resisting Kindle. I love you and wish you well on whatever new path you may travel. xxxoooo Babs

I'm sorry to read that this is your last entry to your blog. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts about "travel", in all of its meanings. And a belated thank you for your work on "Out & About"--I was a subscriber for most of the life of the newsletter. I'm not a Facebook person, but I wish you well on all of your future journeys.

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